Blog Launch

Here is my obligatory blog launch post where I tell you about how I created my blog and so that there is at least one post here ;)

This Blog

I ended up choosing Nikola mainly because:

  • It's written and extended in Python (my default language)
  • It has pretty good support for Emacs Org-Mode markup via a plugin
  • Simple while still supporting basic blog & general purpose web pages

Nikola is basically a wrapper around doit with special functions for web pages.

doit is essentially a python programmable replacement for make, and just about every experience report with static site generators is that they are just fancy makefiles. QED

Future Posts

In future posts I hope to discuss some practical issues around:

  • Tools and tips for data science projects as applications and pipelines.
  • Managing dependencies, virtualenvs, repository structure, and release management for python projects.
  • Setting up and managing personal configuration and infrastructure in a linux environment.
  • Software architecture and design.

The goal of my posts will not be tutorials around how to use specific tools but rather how they all can fit together and integrate.

Potential Collaborations

Check out my list of projects. I am looking for others to test out and critique their design.

I also maintain a personal listing of: Request For Comments (RFCs) and Proposals For Software (PFS) in this repository (web page to come).

Thats it!